Submit a paper

Before submitting any manuscript to CSR, authors should first consult the “Aims and Scope” section of the website to gain a better understanding of the type of the material that we look for. The following are the criteria used by Reviewing Editors to judge whether submitted manuscripts are suitable for publication in the journal:

  • Scientific accuracy and rigor, with sources from professional peer-review journals
  • Organization
  • Clarity

In the initial round of reviewing/editing, we do not place significant emphasis on spelling and/or grammar, as we expect that authors already have good command of the English language and proficiency and language composition. However, if there are many errors that significantly detract from our ability to understand the paper, we will ask authors to revise the manuscript and re-submit to CSR.

For citations, we request that authors follow the APA format.

All submissions should be emailed to the Editor-in-Chief at Manuscripts should be in .doc or .docx format so that the editors can perform the necessary editing.

*Please note that we do not publish original research manuscripts