Editorial Staff

The Editorial Staff is responsible for processing submissions, coordinating the peer-review process with the reviewing editors, making final edits to manuscripts, and publishing the articles on the website.


Andy Le. M.D. Candidate at University of Alberta, Canada

11660357_10154014004958136_1570701847_oAndy is a first year medical student at the University of Alberta with an undergraduate background in biology and chemistry. Since his first year of high school, Andy has conducted several research projects in various fields, ranging from the preservation of red blood cells to the development of optogenetic tools and fluorescent reporters.  With a partner, he won the Edmonton Regional Sanofi BioGENEius Research Challenge and represented his province at the national competition, where he received an Honourary Mention. Andy was selected for the Janelia Undergraduate Scholars program funded by Howard Hughes Medical Institute to study animal morphogenesis and limb development in an emerging crustacean animal model. In his free time, Andy enjoys playing the ukulele, trying new foods, and playing sports, including soccer, team handball, rock climbing, hockey, basketball, and volleyball.

Manish Paranjpe. Undergraduate Student at Johns Hopkins University

1fc723aManish Paranjpe is a sophomore Hodson Scholar Trust and Woodrow Wilson Fellow at the Johns Hopkins University, majoring in biophysics with the dream of conducting medical research. As a Woodrow Wilson fellow, Manish is involved in research on the role of microrna in regulating synaptic plasticity. Manish has past research experience in the US Air Force Sensors Directorate where he used sparse-signal reconstruction to improve radar systems and in the US Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine where he helped use Next-Generation sequencing techniques to identify drug-resistance influenza strains. Manish is fluent in three languages, including Mandarin Chinese.

Matthew Phillips. PhD Candidate at University College London

PhillipsMatthew is a recent Neuroscience graduate of the University College London and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Scholar. His interests lie in neural circuits, with the aim of addressing three major problems in Neuroscience: 1) the neural circuits underlying memory formation 2) how neural circuits can change to form a new memory 3) how these processes can link with current experience to form a perception and action. To achieve this, Matthew has so far employed techniques such as patch-clamp and confocal microscopy, with current projects aiming to employ two-photon calcium imaging and optogenetics.


Anke Wang. B.S./M.D. Candidate at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Albany Medical College

11138548_10206333473965866_808682247671497561_n (1)Anke Wang is currently a second year student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as part of their 7 year Physician-Scientist Program in conjunction with Albany Medical College. A former Intel ISEF finalist, she has been involved in research for her entire high school career with topics ranging from cancer stem cells to septic shock. In college, she continues research with Professor Maxwell on the topic of genetics and aging. In her free time outside of classes and homework, she works out in the weight room, watches netflix, and tries to cook random food, especially desserts.