About CSR

Current Science Review (CSR) is an online international peer-review scientific journal that publishes review papers in the areas of biomedical research. Launched in December of 2014, CSR is open-access and has no publication fee for authors, aiming to facilitate scientific communication and discourse among the scientific community. Specifically, the journal specializes in review papers, bringing together all areas of basic biological sciences, translational research, clinical medicine, and public health. As an online journal that can be freely accessed anywhere, CSR is the perfect forum for scientists to engage in the most exciting debates, from questions in cancer biology to the development of novel therapeutic strategies for cardiovascular diseases. In addition to traditional forms of review papers, CSR is also seeking to pioneer unconventional methods of scientific communication. Please see the “Aims and Scope” section for more information.

All papers published in CSR are subjected to a rigorous peer-review process handled by professional PhD-level scientists from all around the world. Once accepted for publication, the Editorial Staff will publish the paper online and work to promote the articles to the scientific community. For more information on criteria of publication, please see the “Aims and Scope” section.

Articles are published online as soon as they are accepted for publication, as determined by the Reviewing Editors. This rapid publication ensures that scientific ideas are communicated to the public swiftly. Published papers are organized by issues, which come out once every three months. In addition to viewing the review papers online in HTML format, they can also be downloaded for offline reading as PDF. CSR articles are easily searched and accessed by Google. All CSR articles are also indexed by Google Scholar.

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of review papers, it is expected that the authors will express scientific opinions. Although the peer-review process handled by Reviewing Editors will make sure that papers have a sufficient amount of scientific accuracy and plausibility, CSR is not responsible for the opinions expressed by the authors in review papers or any other material published in the journal. Additionally, these opinions expressed by authors do not represent CSR.